Recreation Fun Day

Runners will be entitled to 4 complimentary “campsite experience pass” to access the facilities in the camp with families and friends. Runners are also welcome to book our residential camp and stay overnight before the race!

Free-of-charge facilities & programmes in the camp:

Recreational Programmes – Trampolining, children rope course, roller skating, sports wall climbing, American pool, inflatable bouncer etc

Recreational & Sporting Facilities – Table tennis, badminton, basketball, soccer etc

Reserve the residential camp:

Check-in Time:3rd Jan, 2020 (Fri) 3:15pm

Check-out Time:4th Jan, 2020 (Sat) 1:45pm

Camp Fee
Selected Group Hostels SG: 10-bed unit $1,000
Additional charges for extra bed $100
Selected Family Hostels SA: 4-bed unit (1 sitting room, 2 bedrooms) $528
SB: 6-bed unit (1 sitting room, 2 bedrooms) $792
SC: 8-bed unit (1 sitting room, 3 bedrooms) $1,056
Additional charges for extra bed $109

1. Please email your name, phone number and application number to if you would like to book the dormitory. Po Leung Kuk staff will contact the participant to follow up the arrangement accordingly.

2. There is a limited quota of dormitories on first-come-first-served basis. The booking will only be confirmed once the camp fee is paid.

3. Camp booking fee is not applicable for tax-deduction.

4. “Campsite experience pass” will be dispatched with the runner’s pack. Participant can enjoy the campsite facility from 9am to 4pm by presenting the pass on race day.

For more details of the campsite, please visit